Photo Tour

Cotacachi Ecuador Leather Town Cotacachi, Ecuador – also known as “Leather Town” – is located in the Andes Mountains.
Like many Latin American towns, Cotacachi has a central square with a church or cathedral. Cotacachi is typical Latin American Town with Church
Park Statue depicts Leather Trade in Ecuador Even the park’s statues depict the leather trade. These are located at the base of “Leather Street.”
The raw materials are brought to private homes where most of the wraps are made. Leather Wraps Raw Material brought to Personal Homes to be stitched
Ecuadorian Leather Stitched into Squares The leather pieces become squares & the squares in turn are crocheted together to become wraps. Normally, the man of the house cuts the leather into its shapes & the woman crochets them.
The couple inspects their progress. An accomplished team can produce one in two days. Ecuadorian Couple Inspects Wrap Process
Leather Wraps head off to town for inspection Finished wraps go to town shops for inspection. Some larger shops also make their own.
Finally they are displayed in those shops with which they are associated. Ecuadorian Leather Shawls in Stores
Ecuador Leather Wrap being sold at Market They may also be sold in the street market often by the maker.
Of course, we import them by air and pick them up at Customs for you. Leather Wraps shipped in to USA