Purchasing 2 Wraps keeps a student in school (for a year)

Ecuadorian Blue Leather Shawl

Ecuadorian Blue Leather Shawl

Most people would agree that education is the primary determinant of a country’s long term economic success. In the US, we take for granted that children will go to high school. Further, according to the Department of Labor, approximately 70% of high school graduates were enrolled in some sort of college.

It’s a lot different in Ecuador.

A typical Ecuadorian indigenous family has a monthly income of just $200. But it costs $300 to pay for the yearly incidentals associated with attending high school. (These include such things as snacks, supplies, transportation, and uniforms.) The result
is that for the majority of students, education stops after the 6th grade.

It’s even worse in rural Cotacachi where less than 9% can afford to stay through graduation day!

For just $200 – when added to the family’s contribution of $100 – a student can go to High School for a full year.

Please help with your purchase of a wrap today. We will donate on your behalf 50% of the profits to Cotacachi’s Scholarship Program.

Just as importantly, your purchase also provides work for the adults in “Leather Town”.

courtesy of Pro-Ecuador.com