Elegant Women’s Shawls

Blue Leather Shawl

Ecuador Leather

  Ecuador's rich heritage is evidenced by the wealth of the unique handicrafts made by its people. Artisans produce quality handicrafts in Ecuador. Their products include hand-woven clothing, womens shawls, leather shawls, and leather goods. In the lush volcanic highlands are friendly and colorfully attired indigenous people, historic haciendas, sparkling lakes, … [Read More...]

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Art You Can Wear

These exquisite, one of a kind creations were designed and hand crafted by artisans of Ecuador. They will delight and amaze you as you feel the extreme softness and drape yourself in “art you can wear”. Enjoy the compliments you will receive when you become the first in your circle to own your very own personal Leather Wrap. The combinations of colors, patterns and crocheted … [Read More...]